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CCTV Video Redaction & GDPR

Under the Data Protection Act and GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulations ) video images and the data within it, is considered personally identifiable information. iFacility provide a redaction service which identifies and redacts this personal identifiable information.

This can include selecting single or multiple persons to blur, hiding the face, arms ( to mask tattoos etc ) or even the whole scene except the person of interest. Removing all faces and body parts in a video, except the person key to your investigation. Video images or footage from HD CCTV footage can reveal large amounts of personal data, from credit card numbers to car number plates.

Under GDPR, fines of up to 20 Million or 4% of a company’s turnover can be levied if a company is found to breach data protection laws.

Our solution even allows the use of existing video, even from legacy systems or the ability to process the video live.

This can be enabled as part of the iFacility secure cloud video management system – myFacility. Our solution ensures your company has the ultimate privacy protection allowing, full compliance with the new GDPR regulations in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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