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Mobile CCTV

Complete IP CCTV coverage – without access to your computer network

There is no doubt that Internet and network connected security systems have provided businesses with a level of functionality that exceeds that possible with analogue systems and offers increased scope of integration. You can also benefit from simpler connections with a network cable that also, thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet) delivers the power to drive the camera.

Here, though, is the potential red flag. What if the proposed location for your cameras is such that you can’t make a physical connection to a computer network? Or you want to feature mobile surveillance, portable security or temporary cameras?

Self Contained

We can provide self-contained camera systems that use 3G / 4G mobile telephony communications, as you would use for your mobile phone, to transmit signals over the mobile network. If access to power is a problem, we can make the cameras entirely self contained using solar or battery power, to keep your cameras running; even for extended periods, including night time.

We can install a 3G/4G camera at any location where the signal can be received.

3G/4G cameras in the field

When ‘The Line’ proposed placing valuable artworks in locations in East London to produce a sculpture trail, there was a need to provide adequate security for the works, especially those in secluded locations.

The absence of connectivity options in some of these locations meant a conventional IP CCTV system would not be practical without major ground works, so 3G / 4G based camera systems, with batteries where power was not accessible, have been successfully deployed. Now a team can continually monitor camera sites at all times to maintain the security of the artworks.

Full integration

Once installed, 3G / 4G IP CCTV cameras integrate fully into your security and surveillance system just like any other IP CCTV and give you the same full benefits, alongside the flexibility to site your surveillance system just about anywhere.

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