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Remote & Mobile CCTV Access

Remote Access CCTV: Connect to your system wherever you are

Conventional CCTV systems can be limiting: feeding their images to a central control room where you have to keep a vigilant watch over your premises. You need something more flexible, allowing you to keep an eye on your camera locations no matter where you are; that is what remote and mobile CCTV access delivers. Now you can connect to your CCTV system 24/7/365, from wherever you are in the world, with a laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Using mobile or Wi-Fi networks, you have remote access to view all your live or recorded video or CCTV images, even control your security and entry systems via a dedicated, highly-secure connection, which you can choose to share. If you have additional staff you can give them access to all or selected cameras for the areas that they are responsible for, so they can ensure the integrity of their departments. Even on the road or away from base; for extra piece of mind they can check cameras wherever they are, giving you the capacity for global monitoring.

Get the Bigger Picture

When you review your camera images remotely, you can take advantage of the higher resolution that HD cameras deliver. Crystal clear images from your IP CCTV cameras enable you to see who is at the door or gate and open it; see when your staff and visitors arrive and leave; and confirm your site (or sites) are secure. It is versatile too; we can even utilise your existing IP or analogue CCTV installations and integrate them onto the myFacility system for the ultimate in remote access.

Take it further with myFacility

By employing iFacility’s innovative range of Professional Services you can take your remote access a step further:

  • play back historic footage to examine past events more closely
  • capture still images and email them to colleagues for information or action
  • make requests for identified footage to be archived

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