Temperature Detection - Human Body Temperature Screening. Helping to Protect People
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Temperature Detection – Human Body Temperature Screening CCTV Cameras

Temperature Detection – Human Body Temperature Assessment – Protecting People.

The detection of an elevated temperature in humans can be used as one indication of a person’s potential for sickness.

This along with other tests can be potentially used to warn the person, staff, allow or deny access to a building or even trigger alerts to our iFacility CCTV, Alarm, Access Control, and secure network operations center. 

The solution iFacility has developed consists of special thermal imaging CCTV temperature detection Cameras which take a reading of an individual as they pass through its view using a thermography measurement algorithm. This system also uses advanced artificial intelligence to further improve the detection of skin temperature.

The detection systems are so advanced they can even verify if a person is wearing a mask and if not again deny entry or raise an alarm or alert.

Recordings can also be stored in secure storage servers in line with data protection and GDPR

In the changing threat landscape its important to protect your business, staff, and customers from risks. 

All events can be logged and control into our management platform “myFacility” where you can see an overview of system events and outcomes.

Although to be noted this isn’t a medical device it’s only an indicator that can have further optional benefits including people counting and metal object detection.

Temperature Warning System Advantages

  • Protects Staff, Customers, and Visitors.
  • Real-time scanning of persons in view of the system.
  • It allows businesses to open and trade.
  • Helps to meet Government Standards.
  • Reduces risk from deliberate or accidental infection.
  • Avoids Stock damage or excessive waste from contamination.
  • Health and safety compliance.
  • Optional Mask Wearing Testing, Metal Detection, and People Counting.

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