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Thermal Cameras – CCTV Security Cameras that can see heat.

Thermal Cameras and Imaging

Thermal cameras can complement your IP CCTV surveillance system and give you the ability to spot incidents and intruders in conditions that would be difficult for conventional cameras. Our thermal security cameras record images from the heat energy – thermal IR – in the environment rather than reflected visible light, giving you the confidence to be able to spot potential threats 24/7 discretely and without the need for obvious additional lighting. Thermal imaging cameras can work independently or alongside your existing CCTV system.

Thermal Camera Advantages

  • Night time / low light vision without additional illumination
  • Clear vision through smoke, fog and light foliage
  • Easier visual detection and monitoring of people and vehicle movements
  • High detection ranges for people (up to 1.5km)
  • High detection ranges for vehicles (up to 4km)
  • Better discrimination of people against the background (even when attempting camouflage)
  • Reduced numbers of false triggers compared to visible wavelength conventional cameras


Thermal cameras are particularly suited to:

  • Transport facilities
  • High security and defence installations
  • Utilities and power generation sites
  • Research and other secure installations and offices


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