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Transport and Logistics

Security in Transport and Logistics

Managing transport and logistics operations, and ensuring profitability, requires a smart security and surveillance solution at the core of the business. iFacility uses IP CCTV systems to ensure site security, provide conditional access and monitor vehicles onsite.

Our IP CCTV systems provide complete coverage of your premises, monitoring the integrity of your site and vehicles, inside and out. With high definition cameras, you can zoom in to any incidents to examine them more closely, and retrieve historical footage if past incidents or events require further investigation.

All of this can be controlled from a centrally located monitoring station, or wherever you may be, using laptops and mobile devices, 24/7. To defy potential intruders from gaining access under cover of night, we also provide thermal cameras to extend the coverage, and provide discrete but accurate intruder detection at low light levels.

Innovative access control systems, linked to your cameras, can allow automatic entry to specified vehicles which are identified using advanced automatic number plate recognition.  Vehicles can be tracked when on site, recording movements along with entry and exit times. Traffic can also be monitored remotely from a central control room that keeps tabs on a number of sites, cutting down on security staffing costs.

The safety of lone workers and others operating in isolation is an important consideration in today’s workplace. An integrated solution will ensure your staff are safe on site, and you can use the same systems to monitor that all members of staff are complying with legislation and essential safety procedures.



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