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Uk’s most modern A.R.C

What is an ARC?

Its acronym for Alarm Receiving Centre which allows security companies like iFacility to respond to, or filter out false alarms before initiating the next step in your monitored security, usually warding unwelcome visitors off-site over remote speakers, ensuring that the incident is recorded via HD IP CCTV Cameras for later use to calling key holder or having the police attend site.

For many local CCTV monitoring companies in the UK this is nothing more than a few PC’s in a standard office suite, manned by basic trained security or even standard administrative staff.  This is not the case at iFacility.

Bespoke designed and built from literally ground up on a secure site, 20 miles south of Bristol, the Facility Alarm receiving centre is best described to the image that appears in your head if we were to mention the phrases ‘nuclear bunker’, or ‘Nasa command centre’ with its 1 foot thick steel blast doors, its own independent filtrated air supply, kitchen, toilets as well as the obligatory plethora of PC’s, servers, monitors, Mic’s and CCTV interaction devices, all giving continuation of monitoring and protection from any physical or cyber attacks that may cause any interruption of monitoring your building, car park, offices, school or any other facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Conforming to, and in parts, exceeding all Category 2 standards as set out by the NSI (link to their Criteria here)  and with our specialised security team who man the A.R.C and monitor clients CCTV, Alarms, Access control and even Gates and fuel pumps.  Meaning this is far from a suite of offices in a city centre tower block.

iFacility ARC Quick Specs:

  • Controlled entry through airlock and 2 blast doors
  • Totally independent Air, heat and electricity supplies
  • 6 Petabytes of instantly accessible Secure HD Server Storage

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