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Hotel chain book themselves in for a long stay with iFacility

iFacility recently managed the design and installation of a comprehensive CCTV security system for a large Hotel. This project was commissioned to replace the ageing analogue cameras as part of a security improvement scheme. iFacility used its open platform video recording and management software which allows flexible and future-proof benefits, meaning surveillance footage can be very easily stored and accessed.

A large complement of full HD Megapixel CCTV cameras have been installed into strategic locations to protect the public and property.  The cameras have been installed to visually check and record damage to vehicles being left on site using the proactive iFacility iDENTify solution which using high-resolution high-speed cameras as well as sensors to record damage to vehicles entering and leaving the car parks by visiting patrons as well as providing good site and car park management.

Furthermore, a remote car park was connected via a secure communications link to the iFacility central monitoring station for protection of the vehicles, property and staff on site.

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iFacility: Total Security Summit 2015

An Exclusive Forum

The Total Security Summit is an exclusive forum designed to bring together security professionals from across a wide range of industries and the key industry solution providers. Over two packed days they have the opportunity to discuss the latest technologies, innovations and opportunities at informal but focused one-to-one meetings. Plenary sessions and breakouts allow for further networking and the chance to share new ideas and practices more widely.

Demonstrating our unique technology solutions

iFacility was pleased to accept an invitation to join the Summit held this October in Northamptonshire, following a successful visit to the 2014 event. Unlike many shows and exhibitions the tight, pre-arranged meeting format works well for all the attendees. Senior managers and Directors from the business world with a particular responsibility for security and surveillance – and often with an actual requirement – had the chance to meet with us and discuss their particular issues and situations. They could also get an introduction to at some of the innovative technologies – such as myFacility and Video Vault – that differentiate iFacility from more traditional security and surveillance companies.

Closer Ties

We were pleased to meet some interesting and enthusiastic people from diverse corporate backgrounds and are looking forward to developing some close ties with many of them over the coming months as iFacility bring their unique blend of technology and security solutions to more and more businesses.

Finally a big thank you to those that took the time to talk with us and to Forum Events for making the Summit possible.

Total Security Summit 2015

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iFacility invited to Canon Expo 2015

Canon tech expo Paris 2015

It happens only once every five years but all in the business eagerly anticipate the Canon Expo. iFacility were specially invited and flown over – by Canon – to Paris. The Expo is where Canon showcases its new technologies, some of which are about to hit the mainstream and some concepts that could shape future designs.

Breathtaking 8K CCTV

We were particularly interested to see the breathtaking 8K CCTV products: it goes without saying that the image quality s incredible (with four times the overall resolution of 4K UHD cameras) and options for placement of such a camera are endless. It may be a while before these products are viable to businesses, but there was no denying we had got a glimpse into the future!

Ultra Low Light Cameras

The other remarkable piece of technology was their ultra low light camera lenses, giving almost daylight quality images in scenarios where the human eye would only see pitch black. Night vision is not new but to deliver the image quality we saw with Canon system without the use of infrared lighting providing covert was quite astonishing.

Away from CCTV system we saw the new 250mb sensor for their range of SLR Camera, advanced telescope technologies and the digital printing presses that really awakened our inner geek.

As for the 8K technology we’ll bring you more news and information as it becomes available to us.


Canon Expo 2015 iFacility


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Video Vault

Video Vault is iFacility’s innovative solution to monitoring and managing your security and surveillance system. Any video or CCTV images, live or recorded, can be viewed and controlled from any location using mobile devices (subject to 3G/4G signal strength), or using Wi‐Fi networks.

Use your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone to stay in control of your business security.

Use Video Vault to:

  • Archive surveillance footage -­ every event, every
  • Access and watch in web browser anywhere
  • Examine footage using advanced user controls
  • Security – share with authorities and staff
  • Provide corroborative evidence to assist police and witness statements

With Video Vault you can

  • See all authorised users who are viewing footage
  • Make footage requests
  • Get status updates on any footage requests you have made
  • See what footage requests have been made, who by, and when
  • Get performance data on your cameras and servers

Go further with our additional Managed Services:

With Video Vault and our managed services you can also

  • We can examine video and provide evidence directly to Video Vault or supply footage on DVD or memory stick and forward it to you
  • Train your key personnel: we can remotely train new users on the Training can be scheduled to fit in with trainees’ availability, dramatically reducing training times and costs for your staff
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We’re looking to boost our team of Engineers

iFacility is looking to expand its team of security installation and support engineers. 

We have two positions one covering Northern England and Scotland, the other London and neighbouring counties.

For both positions a certain amount of national – and even international – travel may be necessary but you’ll be joining a great team and a friendly, professional company. If you think you have what it takes, send us your c.v. now. You’ll find links to both positions below:

If you live in the North of England or Southern/Central Scotland you can take a look at the job description here.

If you live in, or around London (Hertfordshire/Luton would be ideal, take a look at the position for an engineer to cover London/M25/Hertfordshire area here.


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