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Utilities Sector

Integrated security and surveillance systems play an important role in ensuring the integrity and protection of utilities installations. Our systems cover all aspects of the safety and security of your site.

High definition external CCTV cameras provide coverage of the site and its environs and can immediately alert security staff to any potential incidents or suspicious behaviour. Thermal cameras can be used to augment the system, providing an enhanced detection range, discrimination of intruders attempting to camouflage themselves and provide detailed images in low light and night conditions.

External and internal cameras can be used to monitor staff and visitor movements and ensure full compliance with business practices, health and safety rules and other legislation. Any transgressions or accidents can be examined in detail both on live cameras and historically stored footage.

Our video systems also permit live and stored footage to be viewed remotely, from another site or a centralised control room, with obvious advantages in streamlining security operations. Footage can also be viewed on a secure connection by authorised staff on a laptop or mobile device, any time and anywhere.

We can also provide a wide range of alarm and access control equipment. This can all be linked together so that staff and contractors have easy access to all authorised areas and visitors can be controlled, whether staff are on site or based remotely. The access control system can feature biometric devices for the ultimate in personalised security solutions, and extend outside to monitor and control the movement of vehicles in and around the site.

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