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Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics

IP CCTV systems offer much more than peace of mind and the assurance of security, they also provide valuable business intelligence and help drive up your business performance. Here are just a few of the ways intelligent video analytics and CCTV video insights can help your business:

Video Analytics in Retail and Public Environments

Using the same CCTV cameras that monitor your sales floor, you can actively examine the way people behave when they visit your store:

  • Retail hotspots: see the lines that really attract your customers.
  • Loss prevention: combine the camera and till operation software / video to help determine irregular behaviour at checkouts due to fraud or incorrect operation.
  • Queue length: monitor queue lengths at checkouts at different times of the day, days of the week and throughout the year so you can better plan your staffing of this crucial area, and evaluate the effectiveness of manned checkouts versus automated tills.
  • Queue abandonment: when do your queues get so long that they turn customers away?
  • Traffic routes: examine how your customers move through the store, helping you plan the most effective sites for sales bins and impulse buy displays.

Analytics in the Workplace

If you work in an office environment or industrial premises, video analytics and video insights can help you proactively monitor and develop your business:

  • Object Detection Analytics make it easy to detect specific objects in your workspace and alert staff should the need arise.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) ensures that your premises remain secure whilst providing unhindered access to authorised people and vehicles.
  • Perimeter monitoring will ensure that secure areas remain secure, and report back any potentially dangerous situations

iFacility uses intelligent video detection software algorithms fully integrated with your security and surveillance system.  We can combine this with remote manual interventions from expert video analysts to ensure robust evaluations and accurate monitoring and measurement.

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