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Walking the Line

How do you ensure the security of premium works of art by renowned artists such as Damien Hirst or Eduardo Paolozzi when placed in public spaces, some of which are particularly secluded? The quick answer is you turn to iFacility.

‘The Line’ is a world-class sculpture park in London that follows the Prime Meridian from the 02 towards the Olympic Park. Along the way it passes though some popular and busy neighbourhoods and some less well know districts and areas undergoing regeneration.

Tsecuring the line with ifacilityhis presents some challenges both to the creators of The Line and to iFacility.

For The Line’s creative team it meant that works of art – often significant pieces with some substantial financial and cultural value – would be placed in areas where there were few passers by. There was a constant risk of damage, whether intentional from vandalism or otherwise: overzealous walkers an overenthusiastic art lovers.  They needed constant surveillance.

iFacility, of course, are well placed to provide that surveillance. But some of these locations were so remote they weren’t just short of pedestrian traffic they were also off grid in terms of network connections and – in some cases – electricity too. With iFacility’s experience of leading edge technologies cameras were installed that connected wirelessly – and securely – via 3G and 4G mobile phone networks. And where power was also a problem, cameras could be supported by battery systems.

Thanks to these innovative solutions all the artworks on The Line are protected and monitored around the clock via the iFacility Control Centre. Now, should someone approach an artwork, the highly trained staff at the control centre are immediately alerted and can, depending on the incident, send out an audible warning or contact the appropriate authorities.

If you’re involved in an original or innovative project, such as The Line, we’d be pleased to talk with you and – without obligation – discuss the opportunities we could help deliver.

For more about The Line and its installations please visit their website here.

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