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Warehouse CCTV Systems

The iFacility Warehouse CCTV Systems advantage

Warehouse and storage areas can be difficult places to monitor effectively; by definition, they store large amounts of potentially very valuable stock, and need to be accessible to a range of people to ensure efficient working practices.  All of this can lead to problems when balancing efficiency with security; this is where a iFacility Warehouse CCTV Systems storage can step in to solve your safeguarding and surveillance issues.

We currently work with a huge variety of manufacturers, food preparation and logistics companies, to comprehensively monitor their warehouses and storage facilities; including Numatic, Willmotts DJB, Yeo Valley and Roddas. Our experience in this area ensures that we can offer the best in bespoke IP CCTV surveillance systems, with flexible access control, to fully protect and monitor your warehouse facility.

Flexible, bespoke security and access control

iFacility’s responsive surveillance systems offer a comprehensive solution, including surveillance of deliveries, ANPR tracking of all vehicles throughout the delivery area, full monitoring of warehouse doors, access control for managing entry to authorised areas, responsive intruder alarms and the option to monitor personnel for auditing compliance and performance levels.

The latest security systems for the future in warehousing

We install a range of the latest hardware and software to future proof your security system, including virtual tripwires for high value stock areas, with alarms triggered to local staff or to our award winning, 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre, giving you access to full support and back up in an emergency situation.

Privacy Protection – Preserve the privacy of your current staff by maintaining a warehouse surveillance camera in public areas such as storeroom areas and office spaces , and away from break rooms and restrooms.

Vandalism and Theft – Surveillance cameras are often the target of thieves during break ins. There are occasions where a warehouse CCTV camera will be stolen or even vandalized. A damaged or stolen camera can cause serious disruptions to your security camera system.

Power Outages – Electrical blackouts or surges could potentially cause interruptions or damage to your surveillance cameras . Make sure to include an alternate security system to safeguard your warehouse in the event you encounter difficulties with your power.

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