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TWISTED Automotive

TWISTED Automotive produce the world’s finest Land Rover Defenders. Taking the new production line models, they upgrade the engine, modify the bodywork and add a tough but luxurious interior.

With such an exclusive product – and premium clients – it was natural that they looked for a security and CCTV surveillance specialist as unique as them.

Twisted began in 2000 with the emphasis on delivering more power from Land Rover Defenders. That quest for power came hand in hand with a desire to make them look as good as they could too: beautifully crafted, brilliantly specified. It’s been successful, with an ever more diverse customer base developing.

The owner, Charles Fawcett is modest about product development, describing how it is Twisted’s customers that push them and make demands for every nuance of the finish and detailing. It means that every model delivered is different and distinct but shares the common DNA of the classic Land Rover.

In 2013 Twisted hand built more than 100 unique Defenders along with bringing their design expertise (and technical prowess) to more than 200 more, brought in by their proud owners. It’s a growing business but one in which the quality of workmanship remains as high as it ever was.

We’re looking forward to a great partnership, protecting this flourishing business based in Thirsk, Yorkshire.

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